A New Dawn

The small room shrinks as the sun grows brighter and the days endless 

Stacks of paper, glue, fabric, an endless sea of projects 

Friendly smiles are hidden, bright eyes peek above the confines 

Buildings and streets left friendless 

Our hiking randevu feels illegal and I’m punished with piercing pain 

The waking days meld with night and become one

The city cries, falls and rises in one day

Voices rise in a cacophony drowning out each other

A future almost destroyed as fear takes over

Reappearing is a shining ring of promise

A tear, a laugh 

A new home as the other crumbles to dust

Final goodbyes solidified by ashes and flowers

The friends of the dark asphalt and tall buildings return, hesitant and free

A past of steaming mugs and tired smiles brings forth a new dawn

Eyes pry open before all others

Heralding the day with stooping eyelids and hot coffee

Preparations begin with growing anticipation 

Old dreams rekindled claw to the surface

Green fades and makes way for a new era

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