The Moments That Build Us

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

Dr. Seuss

We are all made up of small moments. Tiny snippets of time combining to build who we are. My siblings and I are challenging each other to a air hockey duel, frantic running to the field of fire with buckets of water, terrified of the shark in the pool, laying on the floor in fits of laughter…these are the moments that make me.

I’ve come to realize how important it is to look back at these times, the good and the bad. And to realize how these memories molded who I am. But to not just stay in the past, but to learn from it, charge forward and push myself to do better than I think I can. I recently discovered that the only limitations I have are those that I put on myself and that the decisions I make today will decide my future. That used to scare me. I tried to not do anything, wouldn’t step out out of fear. Then I learned that there are consequences there too. Even a decision to “not do anything” is taking action. If I live my life in fear of what could be then I will never know what I could’ve done if I’d just done it! Taking a step forward is always better than standing still. I always thought I was someone that would jump at any chance for a new adventure or a mix up in the regular routine. However, that was only when it was fun or exciting, no work involved. It wasn’t until very recently that I admitted this to myself. And that’s where I learned another lesson, that I couldn’t move forward until I confronted myself. I couldn’t lie to myself and expect to grow. These moments of realization opened another path on my road. As will all that come. – With love, Lillian

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