And so it begins…

A Magical Journey

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

       A life of adventure and fantasy was all she ever wanted. Knights in shining armor, castles of stone sitting atop cliffs, dragons flying across the skies, hobbits living in holes, elves traversing through the trees, a friend who arrived in a blue box and would whisk her away across time and space, a gateway that led to a magical land of talking animals and magic. Oh she could go on for ages talking about the lands she wished she could visit and the adventures she longed to be a part of, but this is not a story of unfulfilled wishes and longing for the impossible. This is the story of a girl who made the impossible possible and brought the dreams to life. This story may not be about the magic portrayed in books, but of a magic far more powerful, a magic that stirs up dreams within you that you never even realized were there, a magic that inspires. 


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